onsdag 11. mars 2009

Another stitcherykeeper

I have made myself another stitcherykeeper. This time I have made it 8 x 8 inch, which is the same as the pattern.

Still it is my grandmother outside, and on this picture she is about 15 years old.


On this I haven’t used lace around the picture, and I think it turned out well.

P3080040 P3080041

All used fabric is from my stash, and even the treadcutter. I didn’t know I had one. *lol

My sewingmachine is broken, so I don’t think there will be more sewing from me in March. The man who can fix it is coming to my town in beginning of April. I think I have to ask one more shop if they can do something. I hope they can, there is so much I should have done.

Have a nice weekend everyone.