fredag 26. november 2010

Keep your neck and your hands warm

I looks like I can't stop knitting. *lol I just love it. It is so many great patterns to use, it is just to find out which one to use. This is my shawl number 8 this year. I have promised myself to knitt 10 shawls, and I will manage it. I have finished number 9, but it is not blocked yet.

Here is 5 more wristwarmers that I have knitted lately. I did participate at a christmas market at work, so I had to knitt something easy and knot so expencive.

I have also knittet two cowls. One is for my doughter, and the red one was for the market. The red one is intend to were as a cowl or you can also were a part of it on your head to avoid snow or rain in your hair.