onsdag 30. juni 2010

OPAM juni

It has been a long time since my last post. But that doesn't meen that I haven't done anything. I have been very busy with both handcraft and other things.

This month I bought myself a new cellphone, and had to make a new cellphonecase. The old one didn’t fit the new phone. The pattern is my own and I think it need some modification before it is perfect. Maby I should write it down and make a tutorial?

There has aslo been some knitting. In fact a lot since the weather has been so cold.

sokkerjuni juni In fact I have knitted 5 pair of socks, one top and one tunika. I have also finished a shawl I started on in March. This one is for Christmas (because of the color) *smile.


Now it is summer here, and I will start my vacation soon. I hope you all will have a very nice July.

~ Inger