tirsdag 5. mai 2009

Babyquilt – and some progress

Today I have finished this babyquilt.  The elephant is painted on the fabric,and I have sewn around with the sewingmachine.   P5050048

I wanted a pink elefphant, but the colors turned out different from what I wanted.  Lucky me that found some fabric that had nearly the same color as the painting.


The pattern for the elephant is from a course a week ago, but I didn’t have a pattern for the quilt.  I have just sewn some blocks and filled in with small blocks fabrics between so that it should be in the size I wanted.

In the weekend I finished the last sticheries of Noahs Ark, a free BOM from Lynette Anderson.  Now I just have to put it all together.


I don’t know what I am going to make from it, I think I have to see what kind of fabric I have in my boxes.

This quilttop I made a year ago.  I have planned to finish it this month, so that my doughter can get it and have it on her bed.  P5050053

I have some more projects that I will try to finish this month, but these I will finish first.

Have a nice day ~Inger

4 kommentarer :

  1. Elefantquilten din ble kjempesøt. Og så venter jeg spent på fortsettelsen på Noas ark. Selv har jeg igjen å brodere tre blokker...

  2. Det blir virkelig fint, er spent på resten..... :-)

  3. Flott babyquilt. Gleder meg til å se resultatet av Noahs ark.

  4. Det var et veldig koselig teppe, og elefanten er kjempesøt!


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