mandag 6. april 2009

New quilt and tunic for myself, and a lovely day.

Today I finished this quilt.  The top were made last winter, and put on hold since I didn’t now what to do with it.


I have used warm and natural batting, and the top is made of flanel.  The backside is also in flanell, light blue.  I love these colours, think they are really fresh and reminds me about summer.

A few weeks ago my sewingmachine stopped sewing.  I had to come up with something else to do when I was waiting to get it fixed.  P4060036

Sometimes I do some knitting, but usually it is small projects.  In January I bought yarn for this tunic, but didn’t manage to start with it because I thought the project maby were to big.  And when I startet, I discovered that it was fun, and in fact easy to knit.

Today we have had a really lovely weather.  The sun has been shining from a blue sky, and the colurs outside are really sharp. 

With these pictures from the weekend and today I want to wish you a Happy Easter.