onsdag 30. mars 2011

March finishes

This month there has been only knitting. I have traveled a lot in my work, an it will be like this until Easter holidays. But then there will be less traveling and maby some time for dating my sewing-machine. :-)

This shawl werre finished earlier this month, but the blocking take some time, so I didn't do that until last weekend. It is knitted in Wollmeise in the colors Grapes for Sheri and Ballerina. 2 very beautiful colors. But all the colors in wollmeise are very strong and beautiful, so sometimes it is difficult to choose.

I have bought the pattern on Ravelry, and the shawl is called Morlynn.
There has also been some small knitting. One hat and two pair of socks. Look at the yarn, isn't it delicious? It is going to be a jacket for myself, it's only to find the perfect pattern. :-)