onsdag 2. mars 2011

January finishes in March :-)

Never to late to tell about finishes. In middle of January I participated on a course were we should make boxes and small toiletpurses. This box is my result, and I use it to keep my knitting cables and lockers in. Very decorative and useful. :-)
In January I did some knitting. These small things like hats and mittens, is nice to have in a box for presents.

I also knitted a sweater for my son. He got the yarn and pattern as Christmas present, and during the Holidays and the first days of January I manged to finish it. He left back to University with the sweater in his suitcase.

My tunica is also finished. It is made of a very soft yarn, a mix between merino wool and kashmere. It is very soft to use, but it is difficult to get a picture with me inside. :-)