mandag 30. august 2010

Hidden treasures

Last year, before Christmas, when I cleaned my sawing-room, I put away a lot of unfinished projects. For me it is out of sight, out of mind. *lol

Today I had to have a look what was in one of the boxes because I didn’t remember. There were some tabelrunners and tabelclothes that only missed the binding. Some project were onlystarted, others were only bought. *smile

Tonight I have finished this advent tabelcloth, it was just the binding and I used about 30 minutes on this. It is funny how we can put away work for a long time, and get a bit stressed because of everything that is not finished.


The words on the tablecloth is saying: Relax, the Christmas is coming anyway. The stitchery is a free patters from Northern Quilt received some years ago.

So tomorrow I am going to finish some more bindings.