onsdag 23. september 2009

New toiletpurses


I started to sew on this toiletpurses in July. I had quilted the back and front before my vacation, and ment to finish it when I came back home. But that didn’t happen.

Because of my accident I find it very diffycult to sit by the sewingmachine, so I have used a very long time to finish these. One seam now and then, make it complete during many days. :-) Total it is 9 toiletpurses. These will be nice to have on the market before Christmas.

But I have made a lot of stitcheries, and hope that I can make a lot of new things of these when my health is better.


A week ago my sister came visiting me. She came home for a short vacation, and brought me a these lovely fabrics from Green Gate. She lives in the south, and has bought the fabrics at Meretes Lille Atelier i Grimstad. I am really looking forward to use these fabrics, I just love them.

P9230018 I hope you all will have some nice days.