søndag 24. februar 2008

2 more blocks finished

This week there has only been finished 2 blocks for the quilt. I had planned to finish 4, which is the rest of the blocks, but it is not always that it works out as planned.

I have also sewn som squares that I am going to use as filling between the block. They just have to get the right size before I can use them.
I hope I can manage the rest of the quilt this week so I can deliver it for quilting very soon.
This weekend we have been in our caravan. We haven't been there since October/November, and it felt good to drive out of the city for a few days.
The weather was nice, but it was cold and windy. But with warm clothes it is no problem. The children were having av great time together, and were running skis and slegde downhill.

We look forward to the spring, when we can use the boat and go fishing at the sea. We think it will be many beautiful days and weekends during April to October.
I hope that you all will have a nice week.